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Welcome to Ear Care Clinic, a network of ear microsuction clinics across London and Kent for all your ear wax removal needs.

We offer microsuction ear wax removal using state-of-the-art equipment at our network of expert clinics offering a gold standard service. All of our ear wax removal services are delivered by highly experienced clinicians at our Marylebone, Canary Wharf, Ealing, or Orpington sites, which are all fully accredited by the CQC (Care Quality Commission). Find your nearest clinic.
Ear Care Clinic is also affiliated with the Ear Care Academy, the leading ear microsuction training centre in the UK.

Ear Wax Removal At Ear Care Clinic

If you’re experiencing common ear symptoms, such as hearing loss, tinnitus, blocked ears, or ear pain, you may be in need of professional ear wax removal.

At Ear Care Clinic, we specialise in ear microsuction for removing wax. This procedure uses a binocular operating microscope or a specialised magnification loupe to allow the clinician to look into the ear canal in great detail. They then use a sterile suction device (almost like a tiny vacuum cleaner) to remove any wax from the ear.

Using ear microsuction means our clinicians can have minimal physical contact with the earlobe, making this ear wax removal procedure more comfortable for patients.

Our Services

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Our Ear Microsuction Clinic Network

Our network of ear microsuction clinics allows us to ensure a highly clinically competent and efficient service. All of our affiliated ear care clinics provide their services to the highest standards and need to be accredited by us before they can join the network.

New network members will have undergone approval of their service in line with the criteria we use to deliver our gold standard ear microsuction training course.

Ear Care Training Courses

The Ear Care Academy provides a fully accredited ear microsuction course in conjunction with Imperial College Healthcare Trust. Our course is delivered in a world-class teaching hospital setting at Charing Cross Hospital’s ENT/Audiology Department. The course trainers are all highly experienced senior doctors of Medicine and Audiology.

To find out more about our ear microsuction course or to book a place, please visit the Ear Care Academy website.

The Ear Care Clinic network stretches across London and into Kent, so you can book an ear wax removal appointment at a clinic convenient to you. Simply enter your postcode below to find the Ear Care Clinic site closest to you.

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