What is Ear Microsuction?

Ear microsuction is Ear Care Clinic's preferred method of ear wax removal. Using microsuction for wax removal allows clinicians to see inside the ear canal in greater detail, while having minimal physical contact with the earlobe. This means ear microsuction can be much more comfortable for patients than other methods of ear wax removal, such as syringing.

What's more, patients do not usually need to prepare their ear wax with olive oil drops before undergoing a microsuction procedure - but doing so may make ear microsuction faster and more comfortable.

How Does Microsuction Work?

Ear microsuction works by essentially suctioning out ear wax and other debris from the ear canal, using either an ENT (ear, nose and throat) binocular operating microscope, or specialised magnification loupes, similar to the type that dentists use. This allows the clinician to see inside the ear canal in greater detail.

Once the clinician has a good view of the ear canal and its contents, the microsuction procedure can begin, using a very fine sterile suction device to remove the wax. A low level of pressure is used, which means the whole process is similar to using a tiny vacuum to remove wax from the ear.

In the event that the wax is particularly hard or stubborn to remove, clinicians may need to use other instruments to remove this, such as Jobson Horne probes or micro forceps. Despite this, ear microsuction is typically more comfortable and more effective than ear syringing for patients. Find out more about how ear microsuction compares to other methods of ear wax removal.

What To Expect From Ear Wax Microsuction


Firstly, we'll discuss your current ear problems with you, to determine which common ear symptoms you're suffering with


We'll then examine your ears with a special microscope and advise you of what we find


We'll then explain the microsuction procedure to you and make sure that you're seated safely and comfortably prior to getting started


While looking down your ear canal with the microscope, we'll use a small suction device to gently remove ear wax and any other blockage from your ears


Once all of the ear wax and any other blockages have been cleared, we'll check the condition of your ear drums and let you know how the microsuction procedure went


In the event that your ears require further treatment or medical attention, such as in the event of an ear infection, we'll advise you of this and make any necessary additional arrangements

Book An Ear Microsuction Appointment

Ear Care Clinic is a network of audiologists and other clinicians who are trained to deliver microsuction for ear wax removal via our gold standard training course in association with Ear Care Academy.

Book an appointment for ear microsuction at one of our ear clinics in London and Kent today, or find out how to join our network.