Common Ear Symptoms

Hearing Loss
  • A common symptom of ear wax blockage
  • May also be due to any problem with the outer, middle or inner ear
Ear Pain
  • If severe wax impaction/hard wax, this may be uncomfortable
  • May be due to underlying ear infection
  • Can be a symptom of ear wax blockage
  • If does not resolve following wax removal, may need investigation (especially if one-sided)
“Popping Ears”
  • E.g. when swallowing or blowing nose – more likely due to middle ear fluid build up
Discharge from the ear
  • Most likely due to outer ear infection
  • Soft/wet wax may cause discharge too
Fullness of the ear
  • May be deep ear wax blockage
  • Very common symptom of ear wax build up/impaction
Dizziness/Imbalanced feeling
  • Usually not a symptom of wax blockage but may be
  • Often due hard wax
  • Sometimes due to ear canal eczema/dryness
  • Can be a symptom of infection