The Ear Care Clinic team are a team of highly trained microsuction specialists who recognised that there was a need for a quickly accessible and affordable clinic to help patients suffering with blocked ears. We established clinics over 10 years ago.
We now run high quality, affordable, ear cleaning clinics using the very safe and effective technique of Ear Microsuction. The Clinics are in various locations in London
We run high quality, professional, ear cleaning clinics across London.
Clinics which are part of our network are staffed by highly experienced clinicians
All clinical sites are CQC registered
All clinicians working on our sites have been trained by the leading gold standard ear microsuction training centre in the UK - Ear Care Academy (Link)
We have created this website to act as a meeting point for audiologists/ear wax removal practitioners and people needing an efficient and professional solution to their ear cleaning needs - and for any other ear care requirements, e.g. hearing tests, hearing aids, hearing protection, etc.
For those of you reading this who are audiologists/ear wax removal practitioners, feel free to contact us to ask for a registration package.
For those of you reading this who have blocked or painful ears, feel free to look up your nearest clinic on the map or our clinic finder (link), and book your appointment online or by calling the dedicated relevant clinic number