About London Ear Centre

London Ear Centre’s main objective is to ensure that all our patients benefit from the highest level of care for their ears. We believe a holistic approach is the best way to achieve this. Our multi-disciplinary team has been carefully selected and is comprised of leading experts at the forefront of their respective clinical fields. Our Consultant level Audiologists make up the frontline team, with close and collaborative support provided by Physicians, ENT Specialists, Specialist Neuro-Physiotherapists, Clinical Psychologists, Medicolegal Specialists and Advanced Nurse Practitioners.

We understand that each and every one of our patients has unique needs. As such, we invest significant resource in carrying out comprehensive diagnostic assessment and understanding individual lifestyle, needs and desired outcomes–and tailor a suitable treatment plan accordingly. We endeavour to understand, educate and work in partnership with our patients to ensure the best possible clinical outcomes are always achieved.

So if you have an ear complaint that is causing concern, look no further than London Ear Centre for specialist level ear care, delivered by the experts.

Second Opinion Service

We appreciate that there are numerous options available to patients to obtain care for their ear related problems. While you may have previously received great care from a different clinician or service, there may be occasions where you feel you it may be worthwhile getting another opinion from an unbiased professional.

Our Second Opinion service gives you the opportunity to consult with one of our Consultant Audiologists regarding any hearing impairment you may have and/or any hearing aid technology you have previously been fitted with. During your appointment we will go through your health history, symptoms, previous test results, and issues you may be experiencing with any hearing aid technology you are using. You will then be provided with an unbiased opinion about your current status and be given recommendations to help optimize your situation.

Patient Testimonials

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First Name - Colposcopy Patient